The Greek PDO cheeses (of which there are more than 20 different types), with their unique flavor, explain why yearly consumption per capita consumption in Greece surpasses every other European country’s. Every Greek cheese is produced with appetite, knowledge, and a lot of talent. Approximately 70 cheese types have been recorded and from these, 21 have been certified as products of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.s).

The traditional P.D.O. “barrel” feta from Kalavrita and Amfilohia, which is available exclusively in the Greek market, is widely popular, because of its unique taste and uncompromising quality.

It matures for three (3) months and kept in wooden barrels with brine. It has a rich, spicy, lightly salty taste with various aromas and is compact. It’s consumed on its own or in salads, pies and other types of food. It can be nicely accompanied by white and red wines and retsina.

Graviera P.D.O. (from Naxos and Mylopotamos) is, without doubt, the “flagship” of yellow cheeses produced, and the “star” of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos and the Agricultural Cooperative of Mylopotamos!

This hard cheese, with its pale yellow color, thin, dry skin, compact elastic mass, characteristic small, scattered holes, fine aroma, sweet and delicate taste and very characteristic aftertaste is widely known for years as one of the two main products of our country.

Myzithra and Xinomyzithra PDO from Crete. Myzithra, a traditional soft fresh cheese that is pleasantly combined with many dishes. It has a pleasant, sweet and slightly salty taste and rich aroma of pure milk that comes from the area of Mylopotamos. Xinomyzithra PDO, soft cream cheese without a specific shape. It is produced from pure sheep and goat milk that comes from animals that graze in the mountains of Mylopotamos. It is produced according to the official specifications that allow its circulation as a product of Protected Designation of Origin. Combines wonderfully with Cretan “dakos”. Available in various packages.


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