In Greece, wine was never missing from any table. Wine was at the center of the table, in the easy and difficult days. Greek wine is part of our lives.
Agiorgitiko, ruby with purple highlights, with rich aromas of cherry, raspberry and butter caramel. With its characteristic soft tannins, it accompanies a wide variety of flavours and is ideally consumed at 16 ° -18 ° C.

The wines of Santorini are unique in the world, a uniqueness that is attributed to the special ecosystem created by the successive eruptions of the volcano and the lava that burned the place and created a porosity rich in ivy soil, the Thera land. In such a special ecosystem, it is natural to expect wines with unique taste characteristics to be produced. Assyrtiko grows in its “homeland”, the volcanic land of Santorini. It is vinified alone or in combination with the aromatic Athiri and the delicate Aidani and gives the PDO wines: Santorini Assyrtiko, Santorini Nychteri and Vinsanto the traditional dessert wine from sun-dried grapes.

The white wines of Santorini combine in a unique way the high acidity. the mineral sensation and the minerality in the taste. Lively, sparkling, with a rich body and citrus aromas. They are particularly susceptible to aging which gives them special complexity and aromas of honey, tea and oak.


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