The cultivation of tomatoes in Santorini began at the end of the 19th century. Initially, its processing was based on home processing and later on industrial, since thanks to its high quality, Santorini tomato paste quickly became a brand name and gained recognition in the market.

The dynamics of cultivation were great. A total of nine tomato processing plants operated in Santorini.

Nowadays, more than a hundred years since the tomato was first cultivated, the cultivation continues to be carried in the old traditional way, while still maintaining its taste and flavor.

Unique variety in the world, small and dry, with strong aromas, natural sweetness and taste of authentic tomato, which in 2013 was recognized as a Product of Protected Origin (PDO) by the EU.

Pulp from Tomato Santorini PDO is the traditional dish of the island, with a bright red color, velvety texture and incomparable taste! Only the Santorini PDO Tomato due to its special composition, gives pulp with such exceptional taste characteristics and nutrients as it is richer in lycopene and antioxidants than any other tomato paste.


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