PRESS RELEASE – 3rd Press Conference at the Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki

A 3rd press conference was organised by “Little Treasures of Europe” in the Room Dock Six I of the Porto Palace Hotel of Thessaloniki and was followed by a dinner at the hotel restaurant Zaytinya (Thessaloniki, 26/4/2023).

The press conference was met with great success and recognition and had a high attendance. The PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) & PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products, which are produced by Greek co-ops, and are participating in the program “Little Treasures of Europe” by NEA PASEGES Greek Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives) were hosted at the Dock Six I Room of the Porto Palace Hotel,

The event was attended by famous bloggers, journalists and food industry professionals, who had the chance to discuss the importance and the place of products in the Greek gastronomic landscape, including the following: PDO feta, PDO graviera of Naxos and Crete, PDO xinomyzithra of Crete, PDO olive oil of Mylopotamos and Siteia (Lasithi regional unit of Crete), PDO olive oil from Kalamata, PDO Corinthian raisin Vostitsa, PGI potato from Naxos, PDO Assyrtiko wine from Santorini, PDO fava (yellow split peas) from Santorini, PDO tomataki (cherry tomatoes) from Santorini, and last but not least, PDO Agiorgitiko wine from Nemea.

Moreover, they had the opportunity to taste a variety of PDO & PGI products, find out the story behind each and every one of them, as well as information on their production process.

Co-ops are an integral part of the Greek economy and tradition. First of all, they provide consumers with access to products they would not be able to have, such as local specialities, as well as a variety of PDO & PGI products that are hard to find in conventional shops. Moreover, by purchasing these unique products, the local farmers and producers are financially supported. On top of that, the consumers are given the chance to get to know traditional dishes and their methods of preparation, as well as the opportunity to connect with members of the co-ops and gain insights that contribute to the preservation of traditional nutrition.

Overall, it was a highly successful press conference that raised a lot of interest regarding the PDO & PGI products and their methods of production. The next two events that are planned, of which one will take place in Thessaloniki, at the Met Hotel on the 15th of May 2023, and one in Athens, are highly anticipated.

The promotional program “Little Treasures of Europe”, with the support of the European Union and the stamp “Enjoy it’s from Europe”, gives us a chance to get to know PDO & PGI products better, and learn more about the co-op producers all over Greece.

More specifically, NEA PASEGES (Greek Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives) aims to spread awareness about the institution of co-ops and the development of the concept of co-ops.

You can find out more about the program, our products and producers on the Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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