“Anavates” – pies with xinomyzithra

Ingredients for the pie dough:

1 kg of flour
1 sachet of dry yeast
1 teaspoon of olive oil
A little water (lukewarm) so that the dough it is not too tight (it needs to be able to stick a little bit on the hand).

Ingredients for the filling of the pie:

Xinomyzithra of Mylopotamos.



We add the ingredients for the pie dough one by one in a deep bowl and mix them well, until they are homogenous.

We realize that our dough is ready when it sticks a little to our hand and is not too tight. We then cover it and let it rest and inflate for about 60 minutes.

We then place next to the bowl with our dough, a glass of water with a spoon and a deep plate with the flour.

We take “spoons” from our dough and throw them in the plate with the flour, rolling them with our hand to make a round dough. In the center, we place a little Xinomyzithra of Mylopotamos and shape until it becomes a ball.  Then, we close it like a pouch and dip it again in the flour and press it lightly.

We turn on the heat at medium level and place the pot with the olive oil.  We then add our pies and let them fry until they turn reddish.

The Pies with Mylopotamos xinomyzithra are served hot.



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