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Fava, in the past, was the main source of protein for the inhabitants of Santorini and other areas.
In Santorini we find a special indigenous variety of lathouri and specifically Lathyrus clymenum L, which is cultivated exclusively on the island.
It is striking that seeds of this variety were found stored in clay pots in the Late Minoan city during the excavations of the city of Akrotiri, proving a 3,500-year history of cultivation on the island.
The quality of Fava Santorini PDO but also the way of cultivation and processing has not changed almost at all throughout this long journey since even today most of the time the sowing is done with live plows, while the image of the grinding of the seed is not rare with the old hand mills.
“Fava Santorini PDO”, is a product of Protected Designation of Origin since 2010.
It is recognized by its pale yellow color and full flavor. ‘It has a particularly high nutritional value as it is rich in protein and carbohydrates. The traditional method of processing, which includes maturation in cave canvases and drying in the sun, gives it a sparkling, velvety texture and a sweet, earthy taste.


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