Press Release – Nea Paseges

NEA PASEGES in accordance with the executive decision of the European Commission (Brussels, 21.10.2019 C2019 7432) and after the official notification by the Department of Commercial Flows and Product Promotion of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (No. Pr. 1656/28635 11/2019) succeeded in securing € 1 143 031.30 from the EU for the implementation of the first Promotion Program undertaken as an institutional body in its long history.

The submission of the proposal was made in March 2019 with the hard work of our executives and an excess of optimism and dedication to our goal that brought the desired result.

The EU has approved the Program “Small Treasures of the Greek Land” (SEP-210589229) which opens a new page in our activities and rewards us as a Representative Body of the Cooperative potential of the country.

Considering the importance – both culturally and economically – of the Greek PDO-PGI cooperative products, it is of the utmost importance to raise the awareness of these products both inside and outside the country. That was our goal when we designed the Program and its purpose.


The content of the Program

The “Small Treasures” program aims to promote the excellent cooperative PDO-PGI products produced in Greece, but at the same time belong to the large family of European products.

The members of NEA PASEGES – cooperatives – producers of these products will have a great opportunity to show their quality, within the next three years.

We address primarily to the consumers of the whole Union but also to the opinion makers, representatives of the agricultural and tourism sector within the country, who will become the ambassadors of the quality and value of the cooperative PDO-PGI products.

In order to achieve our goal, a combination of actions will be implemented in a large advertising campaign, utilizing the new Media, the hospitality sector across the country, as well as our cooperation with a large chain of Greek supermarkets and a series of touristic accommodation enterprises.

NEA PASEGES is proud to support the products produced by its member Cooperatives that have conquered the markets.

With this Program we open a new way of promotion and visibility of our products, with the means offered by the European Union and we had not used until today as we should.

This new path begins with this Program but will continue with others that will open the road across Europe and around the world.

This is a real opportunity given to us and we prove that we can take it on successfully and effectively, after this success in our first step.


Small Treasures